Tree Removal

We Save You Money and Eliminate Hassle

Tree removal services in Joliet are important because without them trees pose serious dangers to homeowners and people who step outside onto their properties. By Joliet Tree Removal Service, you’ll be able to save money while still getting rid of your old trees before more damage is done by them falling over during storms or if someone trips up against one while walking along your property line at night. Our arborists will assess any problems with the trees on your property and make sure they are properly removed to keep everyone safe.

We’ll safely remove any trees, which means we use proper protective gear and equipment. This is important because it keeps us from getting injured too while working up high on ladders or climbing around fallen branches in the snow to take down the tree safely. We also do not just cut down your old trees if they are still healthy but will prune them back so that you can keep enjoying their shade for years into the future without fear of them falling over during storms again!

Before you decide to remove a tree, consider the following factors:

  • Is the entire tree destroyed?
  • How old is the tree?
  • What are the costs of removing it vs. pruning or maintaining it
  • Is the tree dead or dying?
  • What is the condition of branches and roots on surrounding trees?
  • Is there a possibility that the tree’s growth might be improved if it is removed?
  • Are there any obstructing factors such as a traffic light, sign, building, fallen tree, or other obstacles?
  • Is the tree leaning in an unsafe manner?

What Are The Common Tree Diseases?

One of the most common reasons for tree death and removal is a disease. While some tree diseases may be treated if detected early, the condition can frequently cause long-term structural damage to the tree, shortening its longevity and turning it into danger. Our arborist can assist you in determining whether to treat or remove a sick tree if you see any signs of disease on your property.

  • Canker is one of the most common diseases that affect trees and often occurs on branches or trunks where insects such as bark beetles bore into. This disease manifests itself in dead areas at the ends of twigs, cracked bark with oozing sap, and distorted leaves growing from infected twigs.
  • Root rot is a condition caused by fungi which invade tree roots through damage to the root system (often due to construction). Once they infect healthy roots, these funguses can cause decay and eventually kill off entire sections of trunk within just a few years! If you see newly-fallen limbs without any clear explanation for their collapse it’s time to call our arborist immediately!
  • Wilt is another type of disease that causes defoliation near affected trees’ crowns. It is caused by fungi that invade the water-conducting vessels of a tree, which causes it to become dehydrated and die from the top down.

Do You Need An Expert Tree Removal Service?

If you would like an expert tree service company in Joliet that can remove trees on your property for any reason then contact us today! We’ll get rid of them safely without damaging anything else nearby so you don’t have to worry about deprioritizing other parts of your home while we work. In addition to this, our arborists will make sure every part up top has been cut off correctly before they bring everything back down to leave no debris behind or risk catching fire during storms! Call Joliet Tree Removal Service at (779) 804-8151 to schedule an appointment for your free estimate!